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Statesman Seating Plans

If you've not yet travelled with us, you may be wondering how we arrange seating in each class of travel.

The diagrams below show the main differences between our ‘Standard Class’ carriages and ‘First Class’, ‘Premier’ & ‘Pullman Dining’ carriages.

  • All our seating is arranged around tables for a maximum of either 4 or 2 people.
  • All tables are located next to a window.
  • For individual travellers, it is possible to book 1 seat at a Window Table for 2, this is the only way to guarantee a window seat as an individual traveller.
  • It is not possible to book 3 seats at a ‘Window Table for 2’ as this arrangement clearly does not fit.

If you have any questions regarding seating, please contact our Reservations Office and we will be happy to help.

As always, seating arrangements will be subject to availability.